Welcome to Miami or as you may hear it often by the locals, “Bienvenidos a Miami!”

This coastal city located in southeastern Florida is the third most populous metropolis city along the eastern coast and the seventh largest city in the United States. One trip to Miami and you’ll see why it is such a popular place for both American and international tourists.

There is so much that Miami has to offer. Perhaps, it was best described in the 1980’s sitcom, Golden Girls:

Miami Miami you’ve got style Blue skies, sunshine, white sand by the mile When you live in this town, each day is sublime The coldest of winters are warm and devine There’s ball clubs and night clubs all within reach Dance the samba till morning then lay on the beach Each view is a postcard each day a great time The cream of the crop it’s the top of the line Miami Miami you’ve got style Blue skies, sunshine, white sand by the mile M-I-A-M-I you’ve got style!

Miami is a major center and leader in the arts, commerce, culture, finance, and international trade. Additionally, it is a popular tourist destination with its famous South Beach and Little Havana neighborhoods, cruise ports and proximity to two major national parks as well as the Florida Keys.

Downtown Miami is a busy shopping area where you will find all sorts of cultural and event venues. Open-air malls and department stores are busy by day while during the evening you’ll find the crowds at the American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat basketball games as well as major concerts are held.

The arts more of your style? Check out the Adrienne Arsht Center which is where you’ll find the Miami City Ballet and Florida Grand Opera or the Pérez Art Museum for contemporary art.

Rather stay at the beach? Miami Beach is the place to be where you will find many large and luxurious hotels, many with their own spas, dotted up and down the shoreline. The southern end of Miami Beach is the famous South Beach. This is where you’ll find night clubs, famous restaurants, boutique hotels, trendy shops and the iconic art deco architecture.