Usain Bolt Tracks & Records

Ocho Rios

Copyright: Photo by Liliana Drew

Usain Bolt Tracks & Records

No trip to Jamaica is complete without getting a taste of Usain Bolt’s world. This restaurant combines everything the world loves about Jamaica: jerk platters, reggae music, great vibes, and of course, the world record runner who is not only a co-founder but have also inspired the theme from the walls all the way to the menu: when in doubt, just try the legendary U-burger. The ultimate place to watch any kind of sports event!


Jamaica’s cuisine is just as exciting as the country itself: jerk dishes, where a meat of your choice is sprinkled with a unique combination of spices (also called jerk), are headliners on every restaurant’s menu — and are only the beginning. Seafood and oxtail are also a staple here, and thanks to the presence of many different cultures, so are Indian, Chinese, and Italian culinary experiences.