The Falls at Westmall

Port of Spain

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The Falls at Westmall

The Falls at Westmall is located on the northwest coast of Trinidad. It is a modern, air-conditioned shopping centre that has a decent variety of shops, including some well-known international brands. The shopping centre also has all the essential amenities such as wifi, an ATM machine, toilets, an indoor or outdoor dining area, a pharmacy, and a small grocery store. If you get there by car, there is a spacious car park as well. The Falls at Westmall is a good option to do your shopping or simply use their WifI connection while you escape the scorching heat of Trinidad.


Port of Spain offers a diverse range of souvenirs and products for different budgets. Some of the common items bought on the island are; palm hats, hand-made jewellery, paintings and leather sandals. Trinidad is also famous for its local musicians selling their Calypso music CDs, which are great souvenirs to take home. Most shops are concentrated in Port of Spain and San Fernando. Opening times may vary, but for the most part, most shops open from Monday to Friday 8am–5:30pm and Saturday 8am–5pm. Shopping centres typically open from 10am to 8/9pm. Supermarkets are generally open from 8am to 8pm daily.