Central Bank Money Museum

Port of Spain

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Central Bank Money Museum

The Central Bank Money Museum is a newly refurbished museum closely located to the cruise port. The museum has a strong focus on the history of currency offering a range of interactive exhibits, including a replica gold bar, an infrared reader to verify banknotes, and a display featuring birds that appear on Trinidad and Tobago's currency. If you are travelling with children, there is a simulated supermarket where kids can engage in fun activities to understand food prices and how the food economy works. The museum is an air-conditioned indoor space that provides a break from the heat of downtown Port of Spain.

Do & See

Port of Spain is a thriving, major city in the Caribbean. Its tall buildings, busy streets, and bright lights, might make you think it is similar to many other cities, however, Port of Spain has a unique Caribbean flair. The city boasts a range of activities such as cricket and football matches, shopping centres, an art and history museum, historic landmarks and of course, the Trinidad Carnival in Easter. What is also worth checking out during your visit to Port of Spain is Calypso music, an Afro-Caribbean musical tradition that emerged in Trinidad and Tobago. There are many bars and clubs in the city where it is possible to experience Trinidad's Calypso music. There are several stunning beaches in the region, ranging from the ones most frequented by visitors on day trips from Port of Spain to peaceful and secluded spots, which are preferred by the locals.